Printed circuits supply

Entrust us for the supply of the printed circuits in order to get the highest quality and only one contact person.

Dertel is specialized in the supply of printed circuits of high technological content, supporting the most different and innovative requests of the electronic market.

We offer the excellence for the printed circuits, in the perspective of the maximum quality and  satisfaction of the customer, as the printed circuit has a main role, together with the master design and the following assembling process.

We can supply printed circuits that go from 1 (monolayer) up to 12 layers (multilayer) in short and standard time.
Standard options:

  • Material:FR4 – SMI – CEM3 – Polyamide – Roger
  • Thickness: da 0,2 a 3,2 millimetres.
  • Finishing: As for the superficial finishing treatments, besides the HAL standard (Lead Free or Pb), it is possible to request other treatments, as chemical gold (ENIG),ENEPIG,  chemical silver, chemical tin, OSP, HAL – SN100C.
  • Copper thickness: external copper from 35 micron up to 140 micron, internal copper from 17.5 micron up to 140 micron
  • Solder: The chosen colour of the solder is regularly green; under request, we can provide other colours as white, black, blue, red or purple.
  • Mechanical finishing: From the point of view of the mechanical finishing, the circuits can be manufactured through milling or scoring.
  • Branding: On the PCBs it is possible to ask for the following brandings: UL, Rohs and the production date.

Extra options available:

  • Controlled impedance;
  • Blind holes;
  • Metallized border;
  • Metallographic section
  • Press fit connectors
  • Via fill

In order to receive a quotation, it is enough for you to send us the gerber files of the board, and to indicate the quantities you need us to produce. Your request will be processed in the shortest time possible.

Our technical office staff is always at Your disposal to support Your requests and to answer at your questions, always directing you towards the best choice.